Appletree COVID-19 Reopening

Appletree COVID-19 Reopening

As a business, navigating the changes we’ve had to make this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been more than challenging. Top that off with it being a never ending tax season, PPP loans and the ever changing rules, I have to say, our team has been absolutely amazing!

By the end of March, most of our team had packed up their VoIP phones and other gear and headed out the door to begin working from home.  They went into remote mode, some having to take care of their kids schooling or young children all while they continued to serve our clients remotely.  They made this seem effortless, but no doubt, the challenges they faced were tough.

Also at the end of March, we locked our doors and stopped in office appointments.  We all became comfortable with Zoom and other avenues to communicate with clients and business partners.  Sometimes we came into the office to work, but still, the doors remained locked. We are grateful that none of our staff have contracted the dreaded virus and we feel our due diligence is a testament to keeping them safe!

The State of NH is beginning to lift restrictions and so will we.  Our doors will remain locked until after July 4th, however, we will begin to see clients and associates by appointment only starting Monday, June 22.  

Our staff has been briefed on the need to socially distance while in the building and all have facemasks for those times when it’s difficult.  Our group meetings are still held via zoom as it’s impossible to get 10 people together inside a building.

We want to make you aware of some of the steps we have taken in our office with regard to Covid-19.  First of all, on behalf of all our staff, we thank you in advance for your understanding and adherence to our new standards.

For all our clients and guests, you must have an appointment or call ahead to come into our office building. There is now a doorbell on the outside of the building for you to ring and let us know you are here. 

All guests will be required to wear a face mask and use our sanitizer when entering our building. If you do not have a face mask, we will provide you one. We keep hand sanitizing spray and masks on a shelf as you enter the reception area.

If you are here for an appointment, you will also have your temperature taken.

Our reception desk now has additional plexiglass with a small slot for passing papers through. (hard to see in pic 3)

Our conference room has been set up according to CDC recommended social distancing.  The conference table that once held 10 chairs, now only has 4 chairs, spaced apart.  You will find sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer in the middle of the table and can be assured, that the table and the chairs have been sanitized before your arrival.

Throughout our building, you’ll see sanitizer sprays, hand sanitizer, and signage regarding Covid-19. We are serious about safety and are constantly wiping down frequently used surfaces.  Our staff all have sanitizer on their desks as well as masks and access to gloves.


If you are dropping something off, rather than come inside, we have installed a secure drop box right outside the building. We will ask you to call us to let us know you’ve left something there. Likewise, if you need to pick something up, we can provide you with a secure code to use to pick up from the box.

We need to keep our staff safe and we hope to keep you safe as well.  We look forward to seeing you again and thank you for your continued business and support during these difficult times.  

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again!


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