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horizontal vs  vertical
19 Sep 16

Horizontal or Vertical? Should your business be focusing one way or another?

Do you know the difference?



Two methods of building a market strategy consist of vertical and horizontal markets. Vertical Marketing Systems, or VMS, seek to achieve efficiencies through economies of scale by focusi.....
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One hundred dollar bill on financial paper
12 Jul 16

Owners of New Hampshire Real Estate Rejoice at Tax Changes

The real estate transfer tax in New Hampshire has been one of the biggest obstacles to small business owners looking to optimize their tax and legal situation. The tax is imposed on both the buyer and the seller at the rate of $.75 per $100 of the.....
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Advice Letters on Arrange Small Wooden Pieces with Confident Businessman Crossing Arms in Front of the Body. Captured on Black Background.
09 Jun 16

Is Your broker working for your interests?

The Department of Labor announced new rules that will require financial advisors and brokers to act in the best interests of their clients when handling individual retirement and 401(k) investment accounts. Seems like common sense? It is, but unfo.....
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A credit card terminal on a golden yellow background, with credit card insertion (motion blur). Dollar sign on the green button. shalow DOF, Focus on the slot.
01 Jun 16

Customers Hate They Can’t Charge the Small Stuff



Small business owners have it tough, especially when it comes to merchant services, the accounts, software, and associated fees used to accept debit and credit card purchases. To help offset some of the fees and charges, .....
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Businessman is knocking on Payroll service bureau door, conceptual image
10 May 16

Is It Time For Someone Else To Do My Office Payroll?

Payroll is the Pandora’s Box of small business ownership.  Open one tiny corner and a world of questions and potential liabilities await. Tax law, labor rules, local, state and federal requirements all come rushing out the tiny tear of the box .....
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Goals 2016 for new year written on a chalkboard at the office
20 Apr 16

Do I Really Need To Make a Budget For My Business

The world has grown increasingly more connected and small business now feels the shift in stock markets and economies in a matter of hours and days.  Small businesses must now be even more flexible and not rely on traditional accounting and budge.....
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Can you see the cash drain
07 Apr 16

The Trick to Reading Your Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement is your most important financial tool. It tells you exactly what happened to your cash. It shows you where your cash came from and where it went. It will show you if you are running out of cash (which can happen even if you.....
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This is an oops
22 Mar 16

Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Your Taxes

Finally, the long and cold winter is winding to a close. While spring is here along with it is the looming tax deadline. You’re ready, tax documents in hand, to complete your filing and send it off to the IRS. Before you pop it in the mail or h.....
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15 Feb 16

Really Small Businesses – Trends Do Not Lie

Own a really small business? Guess what? You’re trending! We’ve known for a long time that small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy.  What you may not know is that small business ownership is trending downward and has been since the.....
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10 Jan 16

Preparing for your 2015 Taxes

With the holidays behind us and long winter days ahead, now is a great time to start dusting off that shoe box of receipts and preparing for the 2016 tax filing. A few things are different this tax year, so knowing what you’re responsible for an.....
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