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What @CPAsteve says about New Hampshire business tax returns (Video)


CPAsteve explains how the Business Profit Tax, Business Enterprise Tax, and Interest/Dividends Tax all work in New Hampshire and whether your small business needs to be concerned about it.


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Let us take on the complicated challenges of small business bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes for one fixed fee. Don't be a small fish in a big pond. (VIDEO)





How much tax risk can you take? (Video)


CPAsteve discusses the value of asking about tax risk in the Business Financial Confidence process, and how business owners and advisors can benefit from simply knowing the answers. Use our Business Financial Confidence Map to .....




The Accountant does Silent Night with a Twist (Video)


Who knew that @CPAsteve can actually carry a tune as he sings "IRS' to the tune of Silent Night.


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SHOP for Small Business Group Insurance (Video)


HealthCare.Gov was supposed to make it so small business could get group insurance in the marketplace. Did you know there are other choices?


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When A Shareholder Agreement Pays! (Video)


Ever end up in a situation where you and your business partner are engaged in your business with different levels of time and energy? Is it time to get more confidence in how and how MUCH you get paid?


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Sleep Easy In Your New Small Business (Video)


Leaving a job and starting a new small business presents many challenges. If you owe money to a 401k from your old job, you need to free up cash as you build your new business. See what CPAsteve has to say...from the road! You can get more advice .....


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