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Client Software Support


Remote Assistance – Access this when prompted. You may have to download software to install.



How to Access Employee Paystubs – These are the employee instructions. After the employer has sent registrations emails to the employees, this procedure will walk the employee through setting up their own employee portal.
INITIAL Instructions for Employer on the Go – Please print this out if you have never logged into Employer on the Go. Please contact our office to get your user name.
Entering and Approving Payroll (VIDEO) – Follow these procedures for entering payroll each pay period. Please note that at the end of the process you MUST go through the process of ‘NOTIFY PAYROLL FOR APPROVAL”. This is not pictured in the video, but should be obvious. At the end of the process you may need to ‘ALLOW POPUPS’  from so that an email appears notifying us the payroll is ready.
Entering New Employees (VIDEO) – Follow these procedures to learn how to add new employees.
Apex Check Viewer Setup – If you print your checks at your office (Windows based computers only),  you will need to install this program so the checks are printed correctly. Please allow some time and alot of prompts for the program to completely install. At this time, we do not support clients printing their own checks with a Mac.
Setting up Employee Self Service (VIDEO) – Follow these procedures so employees will receive emails and be able to get their paystubs electronically.
Pay as You Go Workers Compensation Insurance – Each week, we will calculate and pay your workers compensation insurance. Please complete this pdf and email it to



If you are having your financial data stored on our servers, then you will need a username and password to access your data. Generally, we have already installed the software on your computer. This procedure will explain some of the most common issues our clients have and procedures for dealing with new computers or changes to existing computers.



In order for Appletree Hosted Desktop to work, you must have an internet connection. Please verify that your internet connection is valid by opening up a browser and going to any page on the internet before contacting us for support.


Please do not forget your username and password.


If you KNOW your username and wish to change it, you may do so, by Pressing Control-Alt-End on your keyboard when logged into the hosted desktop.


In the event you forget your password, please contact Nancy in our office, and she can reset your password for you. Please provide Nancy with your client name, user name, and what software you are using when you call. In the event we are unavailable, our system will automatically lock you out if you are unable to come up with the correct password after 3 tries, but will allow you to try again after about 1 hour.



Step One:  Download and install TSPrint printer drivers for Windows here and for Mac here. If you are using a MAC, after installing the program, click on TSPrint to start the program for the first time.


Step Two:  Download the Appletree Hosted Desktop. To save the shortcut to Appletree Hosted Desktop, you must rightclick here, then “Save”. You can then connect to Appletree Hosted Desktop by opening the shortcut that you have saved. If you are a MAC user, you’ll need to edit the name of the link to remove ‘.txt’ from the end of it,, so it’s extension is ‘rdp’


Step Three:  Download and install TSScan scanner drivers for Windows here and for Mac here




If your new computer has a VERY HIGH DPI where everything is way too small,  read this blogpost.

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