Common Tax Filing Mistakes and What Happens if You Make a Mistake Filing Taxes

Some of the most common tax filing mistakes we see here at Appletree Business Services are not filing taxes on time, math errors, missing W2s or 1099s, more than one person reporting dependents on their tax returns, and other missing information. Most of these tax mistakes can easily be avoided with the help of tax preparation services. Continue reading to find out what happens if you make a mistake filing taxes.

The 10 Most Common Tax Filing Mistakes

The ten most common tax filing mistakes that we see regularly are: 

Missing W2s or 1099s

The IRS keeps track of all W2s and 1099s that come in from businesses, so if you don’t claim one on your return, they will send you a notice.

Dependent Reporting

If more than one person claims a dependent, the second return to be filed will be rejected. Only one person may claim a dependent on a tax return

Name Change

Another common tax filing mistake is forgetting to register your name change with the Social Security Administration after getting married. The IRS will reject your return if you make this tax mistake. 

Missing Information

If you fail to include all your paperwork, the IRS will reject your return. Some common missing items include property tax and mortgage interest statements and confirmations of charitable donations and tuition.

Forgetting to Sign

Even if you e-file your return, you must sign it before submitting it.

Not Making a Copy

Many people forget to keep a copy of their taxes. 

Missing Critical Tax Breaks

Unless you are familiar with the ever-changing tax laws, you may be missing helpful tax breaks that could save you money.

Using the Wrong Tax Bracket

The IRS uses a tax status to calculate your tax. You must file using the correct status for your situation. 

Filing the Wrong Forms

It’s imperative to file your taxes on time and use the correct forms.

Not Filing at All

The worst tax mistake of all is not filing. 

You might also want to consider what happens if you make a mistake filing taxes. There can be severe consequences if the IRS discovers the error before you do. 


Key Tips for Filing Your Tax Return

Unless you want to find out what happens if you make a mistake filing taxes, consider these tips to ensure a trouble-free tax filing season.

  • The first step in ensuring your taxes are filed correctly is having the correct information and having all the necessary documents.
  • Second, you want to slow down when preparing your taxes. If you rush, you are more likely to make a mistake that will cost you later.
  • Carefully read all the instructions. If there is something you cannot understand, consult a professional accountant or tax specialist for help.
  • Check all your work, especially your math calculations. The IRS doesn’t care how the error occurred; they will charge you penalties and fees if you make mistakes. 

If you make mistakes on your tax return or miss your tax return due, the IRS will send you a notice and require explanation and correction. They will charge you penalties and fees if you are late filing or your mistakes delay your taxes being filed on time. Appletree Business Services provides error-free tax filing and tax preparation services.