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What makes us different from our competition is that we insist on asking you a lot of questions before we even start so we all know that the path we are traveling is the right direction for your business.


Prior to being accepted into our Business Owners Package we will work with you to develop your Business Financial Confidence Map. Regardless of your business size, this is how we learn about you and what your business, accounting, and personal needs are.


Surfman 154 x 188 Business Financial Checkup and Free GuideWe encourage all business owners to review the video and Business Financial Confidence Map worksheets and guide to be as best prepared as possible for our first meeting.


For quality control purposes, we do limit how many Business Financial Confidence Maps we do face to face each month.


There is no limit for business owners who wish to review the video privately and complete the Business Financial Confidence Map worksheets on their own time.


* Limited Appointment Availability for the rest of the Month


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The Business Financial Confidence worksheets and guide will take you through a series of questions spread out over 6 simple steps. Some will be straightforward, and some will be thought provoking. One of our clients described the process as ‘financially hitting the gym”. Another offered a psychiatrist’s couch in the next room that she could lie down on while we asked our questions.


Needless to say, the process is unique, and in many ways quite illuminating since it will force you to explore questions about you or your business that you may not have thought about before.


With the Business Financial Confidence Map used as a tool, we’ll explore where you are now, your current frustrations and concerns, evaluate your specific money model and understand your necessary ingredients (Are you the right tax entity? Are you set up to save the most in taxes? Are owners being compensated in an optimized manner? Do you get the advice you need?).


Then we understand your short term and long term business and personal goals, and lastly try to quantify how you prefer to get advice and what your attitude is towards paying taxes.


You have nothing to lose, and will hopefully learn something as well, so why not at least check this out?


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Named "Small Business Accountant of the Year"

Get business financial confidence now

- Watch FREE Video & see if your business qualifies for our Business Owners Package

- Figure out how to avoid getting behind on your taxes and what to do if you already are.

- Avoid shoebox accounting and learn to manage your numbers.

- Learn how to get confidence in selecting a great accountant!

- Pay the least in taxes, improve bookkeeping and set goals,

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