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Bookkeeping Services – Payroll – Taxes –  Prepared By Accountants  for Amherst Small Business Owners

New Hampshire Bookkeeping Services Tax Accountant 

We service businesses in the Amherst area. We are a small business bookkeeping, tax, and payroll accountant and CPA located in Londonderry, New Hampshire..



If you are looking for a small business tax accountant or CPA to support your Amherst, New Hampshire business, call Appletree Business Services today at (603) 434-2775 (APPLE). or Request an appointment online today at the top of this page.


We serve as a Bookkeeper and records Specialist to our clients in Amherst New Hampshire, and serve as a provider of comprehensive outsourced accounting, record keeping, full Bookkeeping, financial , payroll and tax filing services.


Our focus is business. We are a professional business tax filing return preparer. The services we  provide to Amherst, New Hampshire area small businesses include:


Tax – Tax Preparation and Tax Planning, as we work to get you the largest tax return possible, advice on saving taxes and avoiding audits.


Payroll – Check Writing/ Direct Deposit – Full Service – Simplified Pricing.


Bookkeeping – We gather your data each month, balance the books, and provide monthly reports – all hassle-free.


Hosted Software – Access Your Bookkeeping Data in the cloud  from anywhere in the world.


Business Owner Package – Everything combined under one roof, an all-inclusive accounting bookkeeping, tax and payroll package with a savings of 15% over when they are bought separately. Tax accountant, bookkeeper, tax adviser, and payroll manager all rolled into a single integrated monthly service. 


We are a  team that  helps business owners to learn the questions to ask and how to create business financial confidence.


Ready to meet? As part of our introductory (no charge of course) meeting so we can understand where you are now, and where you are trying to go, we will be asking you a lot of questions as a means of knowing what direction you are trying to go in your business .


Appletree understands small business in the Amherst vicinity.



With our all-inclusive fixed fee Business Owners Package, we specialize in helping those in Amherst NH who struggle with keeping their books current or frustrated because their taxes are behind. We do this by helping small businesses create business financial confidence, and we do it in a very unique way.



To be fully prepared for our appointment, we suggest the following:


  • Anyone else involved with a decision like this such as a partner or spouse be at our meeting,
  • Having available your most recent set of financial statements from your existing record keeping system, and
  • Having your business and personal tax returns available. 


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Named "Small Business Accountant of the Year"

Get business financial confidence now

- Watch FREE Video & see if your business qualifies for our Business Owners Package

- Figure out how to avoid getting behind on your taxes and what to do if you already are.

- Avoid shoebox accounting and learn to manage your numbers.

- Learn how to get confidence in selecting a great accountant!

- Pay the least in taxes, improve bookkeeping and set goals,

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