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Pricing and Rates



pricingOne of the most common questions we get are:


“How much are your fees and charges?”

“What is your hourly rate?”

“How much do you charge for a tax return?

“How much are accountant fees?”

“What is the cost for a small business accountant?”

“What are your rates?”




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Business Owners Package


The Business Owners Package combines all the elements of bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and payroll under one roof. It covers everything, including our working diligently to save our fees in cost and tax savings.


We do not charge by the hour.



We charge a single flat fee each month that does not change as part of our business owners package.



Tell us the volume of transactions such as number of checks or debits written, deposits made, etc. and we will utilize standardized pricing regardless of how long it takes us.



We tell you our fees up front so there are no surprises, and will stand by our pricing as long as there are no significant changes in the volume of transactions processed.



Once a year we look at all our client’s fees  to see if any changes are needed, and will tell you of major changes.



Generally, we try to work with small businesses that have gross sales of $250,000 or more and usually have about 1 employee or more.



The investment for our Business Owners Package ranges from $400 a month upwards to about $1,500 a month, with most businesses falling somewhere in between,  based on the number and type of transactions in the business.



Individual Tax Preparation Services


We are accepting Individual tax return clients.  Our fees are based on the complexity of the return, and our minimum fee for the preparation of an Individual 1040 tax return is $400.




Hosting Services

Hosting of software for one user is included as part of the Business Owners Package.  When purchased separately, Hosting is available for $75 a month for a single user, and $65 a month for each additional user.


Named "Small Business Accountant of the Year"

Get business financial confidence now

- Watch FREE Video & see if your business qualifies for our Business Owners Package

- Figure out how to avoid getting behind on your taxes and what to do if you already are.

- Avoid shoebox accounting and learn to manage your numbers.

- Learn how to get confidence in selecting a great accountant!

- Pay the least in taxes, improve bookkeeping and set goals,

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