Accountants Award

The Professional Association of Small Business Accountants Holds 16th Annual Awards Ceremony and Honors Six Members

We’ve always been proud of the work we do at Appletree Business Services, from bookkeeping to payroll and tax-keeping packages, but it’s also satisfying to hear that your work has been recognized by some of the luminaries in your field. In the case of our founder, Steve Feinberg, his years of work and achievements have culminated in the prestigious lifetime achievement award for the year 2022 by the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants. We’re incredibly proud of both Steve’s and Appletree’s recognition at this year’s PASBA awards, so we wanted to take some time to contextualize what exactly a PASBA award is and what an honor it is for our firm’s founder to be counted among their award-winning accountants

The Professional Association of Small Business Accountants was founded in 1982 and is dedicated to the service of small businesses in the dissemination of knowledge of proper accounting and business finance. Specifically, it represents Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants, and Enrolled Agents who provide accounting services to small businesses throughout the United States, pooling their resources to provide unparalleled services to a national network of clients.

Each year, PASBA members meet for the organization’s awards ceremony dedicated to honoring members who have embodied the association’s motto: Teach. Share. Learn. A PASBA accountants’ award conveys that a member has gone above and beyond in their service to small businesses and distinguishes them from other accountants or CPAs in regards to their commitment to helping small businesses thrive.

At the 16th annual awards ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona, Steve Feinberg was nominated by the PASBA board of directors to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for his long career in service to small businesses. Steve has been a mentor and member of the PASBA board of directors for years, and in that time he has given numerous talks to the association about his experience and work with businesses making him a true embodiment of the “Teach. Share. Learn.” ethos.

The cornerstone of his illustrious career was his founding of the Appletree Business Services firm, which has thrived under his tutelage and status as an Award-winning accountant. The PASBA accountants award for a lifetime of achievement is well deserved and reflects the commitment to excellence inherent to our work and taught to us by our founder. Steve continues to work here at Appletree amongst a staff of hardworking and accomplished accountants and CPAs.

It may be surprising to some that such a specialized organization exists—or that small business accountants like to network in general!—but furthering the financial goals and abilities of American small businesses is a specialized endeavor and one that requires the knowledge and practice of dedicated individuals sharing their skills and experiences.

With recognition by PASBA, Appletree Business Services joins the ranks of some of the best small business accountants in the country, drawing from the best practices and knowledge that have served small businesses in a variety of ways and under drastically different circumstances. This makes us uniquely situated to advise our clients on the best way to achieve their tax planning, bookkeeping, or payroll goals, because the chances are one of our PASBA associates has seen your situation before, and knows how to make it work.

Please join us in saying congratulations to Steve Feinberg for the recognition of his lifetime of achievement, and look for his knowledge and guiding principles in the work we do at Appletree Business Services.