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Payroll Services – Calculation and Preparation of Employee Paychecks and Paying all your Employer Taxes



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Yes, we offer a full payroll processing and checkwriting service with direct deposit, taking care of all employment and payroll taxes and pay as you go workers comp insurance primarily for employers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. So, let’s just get to the point and help you understand what makes us different from the other payroll processing services.



  • We are accountants and specialize in combining all the elements of payroll, taxes, and bookkeeping in a single Business Owners Package, all provided for a single monthly fee. We don’t charge by the hour, and we don’t charge payroll by the check (unless you want us to). By having payroll under the same roof as bookkeeping streamlines the entire process.


  • We are not a large payroll service. We have a single staff member that handles all our payroll service clients, That individual will always be your point person if there are any payroll problems.


  • We would love to tell you that we never make any mistakes. The big payroll services might tell you the same as well. We all make mistakes. The point here is how we handle fixing the mistake. In a small operation, and having accountants under the same roof, we are oftentimes better prepared to admit a mistake was made and then be able to fix it.


  • We don’t sell financial products that only work with our payroll service. If you have a 401K or Simple plan, we’ll help you select a vendor that doesn’t force you to use our payroll service.


  • Our pricing is simple. We don’t tease you with a low rate and then raise it later.  No quarterly fees, No annual fees. No fees for mailing. Nothing. What we quoted is your fee, period.


Some of the other powerful features we offer are:


  • Direct deposit
  • Check writing services either by us, or printed remotely by you in your office
  • Withholding of the proper employee taxes and handling all payroll tax filing
  • Pay as you go Workers Compensation Insurance
  • State and Federal Payroll and Unemployment Taxes, including filing of Form 941 and 940
  • Full reporting that includes information like employee earnings statements with current pay period and year-to-date wages, social security  FICA and Medicare taxes, and adjustments.


For a personalized quote, please call Steve at 603-434-2775. We don’t provide quotes over the phone.


Payroll is an integral part of how we help small business owners create business financial confidence for themselves and their business. Be sure to check out our Free Guide as well, particularly if you are hiring your first employee.

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