How should you spend your PPP money?

Many of you have already started receiving your PPP loans, and a second wave of PPP loans is expected to be signed off by the president today, with the SBA expected to re-open accepting of PPP loan applications, so some of you should be getting these loans the 2nd time around, on top of those of you with the money, but no clue what to do with it.
This moves us to the next phase! What to do with the money?
We have put together a webinar titled ‘You Received Your PPP Loan – Now what?” for this Monday at 1PM.  I will be presenting with Paul and Karen at my side, and encourage you to attend, as many of you have questions, or simply don’t even know what questions you should be asking as to the best way to deal with the newfound money. There will be a Q &  A at the end as well.
Please register here. It’s limited to 100 attendees:
We hope to see you there!!