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Specializing as a Preparer of Business Tax Returns in New Hampshire and Helping Small Businesses Pay Less Tax & Avoid IRS Tax Problems.

Business Tax and Tax Return Filings
We specialize in business tax and business tax return filings for our clients including New Hampshire’s Business Enterprise Tax and Business Profits Tax ( BET and BPT) along with taking care of quarterly tax estimates as well as the personal tax returns for their owners.
Business Form Consultation
Most business owners do not realize that when they or their lawyer created an LLC, that a tax decision was made without input from a business accountant. Consultation with an accountant even after you’ve created an LLC can allow you to decide if an S Corporation or C Corporation might be better for you, making sure that the right business tax filings are being made.
Continuing Business Relationship
What we offer all our tax returns clients is continuity. We don’t want you to come in so we can just prepare a return for this year. We want a continuing relationship, to help you understand what your tax risks are, and more importantly show you ways you can reduce taxes, in addition to doing our best at eliminating the drama, by avoiding tax surprises as well as IRS problems!

Filing Business Tax Returns in New Hampshire

Business Enterprise Tax, Business Profit Tax, this tax, that tax...New Hampshire loves to tax. Learn more in our video.

Let Us Worry about Your Tax Due Dates

Tax due dates are easy to meet when you ask Appletree Business Services to keep you up to date with the tax schedule!

Tax due dates aren’t a mystery anymore when you’re part of Appletree Business Services’ Business Owners Package! We’ll automatically let you know whenever a tax is due. Not only that, we’ll fill out whatever forms are required and send them to you along with a set of instructions. Simply follow the instructions and enclose a check in a pre-addressed envelope included by Appletree Business Service!.

Tax dues and don’ts! Appletree Business Services knows when you need to file and pay taxes, so you don’t have to worry about being late again.It’s essential that small businesses keep accounts up date and observe tax due dates.

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Our minimum fee for the preparation of a personal tax return is $500.

Ready to make a move, or simply find out a little more? Then contact us today to learn how saving taxes and tax preparation can be just the beginning of obtaining business financial confidence for you and your business.

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