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Business Owners Package – Bookkeeping, Tax, Payroll, and Accounting for one Fixed Monthly Fee




Financial data in form of charts and diagrams

A logical result of our Business Financial Confidence Map is a system that looks at the complete picture of your business year round with our all-inclusive Business Owners Package.

Instead of servicing isolated segments of your business once or twice a year, the Business Owners Package incorporates all the elements of bookkeeping, tax and payroll under one roof as one service, for a single agreed upon fixed amount each month. There are no hourly charges or hidden costs every time you call us. We review the reports each month, proactively contact you with any concerns, avoiding any tax surprises when tax returns are due.

The Business Owners Package includes:

One Fixed Rate

  • One low monthly rate with no hidden fees.
  • We do not charge hourly,
  • Companies are encouraged to call us with questions,with no additional charges.
  • Easily budget your accounting costs and eliminate year end billing surprises.
  • Fees are scalable as you grow
  • No surprises!


Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping:

  • Gather Data Hassle Free
  • Balance the Books and Bank Accounts
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Private Client Portal
  • We download all bank statements and review for accuracy.
  • Coordination with Payroll under one roof
  • Part time Controller and Business Support Specialist assigned to each client, and CPA supervised,


  • Timely Business and Personal Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Quarterly Tax Estimates
  • Financial Reports Reviewed for tax issues
  • Year round IRS Compliance
  • Mid-Year Tax Planning and Advice
  • Tax Strategies to Increase Refunds
  • Get the Largest Tax Refund Possible



  • Prepare Checks with all Deductions
  • You report the hours – we provide the checks
  • Monitor issues with employees versus independent contractors.
  • Direct Deposit
  • Private Online Delivery of Checks
  • Pay as You Go Workers Comp
  • We Pay All Taxes and File All Returns


Hosted Software

  • Quickbooks or Professional Business Manager Software
  • Software hosted by us so you can access it from home or office with automatic daily backups
  • All data is stored and backed up daily
  • Available standalone or as part of this package

One way that we make ourselves different is that business owners must be qualified to be eligible for the Business Owners Package. To qualify, we go through our Free “Business Financial Confidence Map” process and worksheets.

We would be happy to meet with you at your office or ours to talk about how our flexible and affordable services can benefit your business. Please contact us today!

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