New Hampshire refuses to extend deadlines for tax estimates and returns due April 15 due to Coronavirus to individuals or small businesses.

UPDATE: Since this article was written, New Hampshire is now granting relief for Business Tax and Interest/Dividends Tax filers, by granting an automatic extension of 7 months if you paid no less than the 2018 tax. Estimated tax deadlines have not changed, but now if you pay either your 2018 or 2019 tax liability in equal instalments in 2020, there is no estimated tax penalty.

If your 2018 small business tax was less than $50,000 or Interest/Dividends Tax was less than $10,000, all April 15 Payment deadlines for tax returns and estimates are extended to June 15. Extension Payments get a 7 month extension from April 15, and so are now due on November 15, 2020


At this time (March 26, 2020), the state of New Hampshire has NOT extended the deadline to file or pay the Business Tax (Business Profits Tax and Business Enterprise Tax), Interest & Dividends Tax, Meals & Rentals Tax, or any other tax administered by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (DRA).

This is, unfortunately, completely inconsistent with the Federal government extending the due date from April 15 to July 15 for all tax returns and estimates that are due.

Tax Year 2019 Business Tax and Interest & Dividends Tax Returns remain due on April 15, 2020. Taxpayers who have paid their tax in full by the return due date are entitled to an automatic 7-month extension of the time to file your New Hampshire Business Tax or Interest & Dividends Tax return. No extension form is required.

First quarter estimate payments for calendar year Business Tax and Interest & Dividends taxpayers are also due on April 15, 2020.

Meals & Rentals Tax returns and payments for the month of March are also due on April 15, 2020.
This leaves taxpayers with several choices:

  1.  Get their Federal Tax Return done so the state returns can be prepared.
  2.  Do a rough calculation of your Interest Dividends Tax of 5% of your Interest and Dividends and make sure it’s all paid by April 15.
  3.  Similar to 2, calculate what your Business Enterprise Tax Base of total payroll, Interest and dividends and multiply this by .675% to get a rough calculation of your business enterprise and pay this by April 15.
  4.  Extension Payments can be made electronically at
    The New Hampshire penalties that would apply here are 5% of the tax for each month the returns remain unfiled and a 10% penalty for failing to pay what taxes are due on April 15. Remember, if all taxes are actually paid, there is an automatic 7 month extension of time to file.