Bookkeeping For Construction Companies in New Hampshire

The construction industry in New Hampshire is primed to see massive growth in the coming months and years, and Appletree Business Services wants to help your business capitalize. In such a highly regulated field, inaccurate bookkeeping can lead to costly mistakes that quickly add up to make a job—or even an entire company—unprofitable.

With Appletree Business Services you won’t have that problem. From bookkeeping to taxes to payroll, the professionals at Appletree have years of experience to help you track exact expenses, more accurately estimate material and labor costs, and pay vendors and workers accurately and on time. Call today and let’s talk about what your construction business needs to thrive.

We Provide the Following Construction Bookkeeping Services in New Hampshire


The construction industry is fast-paced, and a profitable firm needs to be ready to capitalize on new contracts or opportunities at a moment's notice. With our specialized bookkeeping for construction companies in New Hampshire, we’ll help you set and keep project budgets, manage indirect expenses like equipment maintenance and repair costs, and estimate job profitability so you know which contracts are worth your time. We’ll balance the books and keep you updated every step of the way so you can focus on what you do best: getting the work done.


In a highly regulated industry like construction, it pays to have a team of experts keeping your taxes in check. We’ll keep track of the basics like material expenses, advertising, and proper employee categorization—as well as more fluid variables like asset depreciation—to make sure you’re ready to get the most out of your return come tax season. Plus, our accountants work closely with the latest state and federal tax legislation to make sure your company is taking advantage of every tax break, abatement, and incentive available.


Payroll for construction companies is a unique beast, and it comes down to more than just a single hourly rate. Prevailing wages, union rates, travel pay, employee loans, non-billable hours—with so many moving pieces, why take the chance on keeping track of it all yourself? It takes a specialist to keep your employees and vendors paid accurately and on time, and without proper management, work comes to a halt fast. Appletree combines bookkeeping and payroll under one roof, so you always know where your dollars are going and how they’re working for you.

Consulting & Strategy

Maybe your construction business is just getting started and you need help understanding the relevant tax codes in your area. Or maybe you’ve been in the business for a while, but you’re not seeing the kind of profits you should be. Appletree Business Services can help you set and achieve the goals that you want for your firm with an initial planning meeting followed by regular strategy sessions with an experienced business consultant who knows the construction market.

Budgeting And Financial Modeling

When it comes to budgeting, the construction business isn’t as simple as just expenses versus profits. Factors like asset depreciation, surprise costs, prevailing wage, overtime pay, etc. all need to be accounted for. Appletree Business Services will help you set a comprehensive budget and financial breakdown so you’ll know which jobs are profitable and worth your time, eliminating wasted resources and funds along the way.

Financial Analysis

Construction is a highly profitable field—for those who know what they’re doing. Between regulation, tax liability, bookkeeping, and payroll, your company needs a team of experienced professionals to help you maximize your profits and give your firm the clear direction needed to compete in the modern construction field. Call the professionals at Appletree Business Services and let us be that for you.

Meet Our Team of Bookkeeping Experts

Appletree Business Services’ team of staff accountants, CPAs, and consultants have been helping small businesses for over 30 years. We work closely with construction companies in New Hampshire and all over the country, carefully learning the inner workings of the industry so we can better help your construction firm thrive. Don’t just depend on a single year-end profitability statement; our professionals can give you the expense data and organization to know how your company is performing during every single job. Call us today and let’s build your business together.

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