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Hosted Quickbooks / Software Support


Hosted -2In addition to our bookkeeping, tax, and payroll services, all of our clients get complimentary access to their Quickbooks data on our cloud part of our Business Owners package This 

assures you that your software is available to you when you need it, wherever you need it from.


Small business owners can also use, as an alternative,  our complimentary, proprietary software,  Professional Business Manager (PBM).  Whatever your choice, we will get involved in reviewing the software, making appropriate changes so it serves your needs. If you think your Quickbooks file is a mess, we’ll address that too..


We understand accounting systems and know how to combine that with the understanding of small business. We can help you develop the systems and procedures to make your accounting package a smoothly-functioning aspect of your daily activities, giving you the certainty of knowing that you’ve got a valuable business tool available when you need it!


As part of helping our clients create business financial confidence for themselves and their business, our unique Business Financial Confidence Map recognizes that your ‘system’ is an integral part or necessary ingredient in supporting the money model unique to your business. Why not get started building your map by downloading the free video and worksheets now.


Still a little confused? Many small businesses owners are. Do yourself a favor and arrange a meeting with Steve Feinberg (@CPAsteve) by calling (603) 434-2775 and arrange a business review of your business.

Named "Small Business Accountant of the Year"

Get business financial confidence now

- Watch FREE Video & see if your business qualifies for our Business Owners Package

- Figure out how to avoid getting behind on your taxes and what to do if you already are.

- Avoid shoebox accounting and learn to manage your numbers.

- Learn how to get confidence in selecting a great accountant!

- Pay the least in taxes, improve bookkeeping and set goals,

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