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picture of a hacker on a computer



Uh oh, My Computer is Possessed!


These dreadful words can mean not just a headache for your business, but thousands or even hundreds of thousands in order to retrieve your company’s most precious commodity, data.  Ransomware attacks increased from one every two minutes to one .....


Cartoon of three diverse game show contestants



A New Twist on Your Favorite Game Show Can Be Very Taxing


We all have our favorite game shows such as Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, and Lets Make A Deal and we love to have the contestants win big. Often the game show hosts will ask “what you are going to do with the winnings?” The answer is .....


Choosing from hire and outsource concept words on blackboard



The Benefits to New Hampshire small business of Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Payroll Services to an Accountant


There are several advantageous reasons why New Hampshire small business owners should consider outsourcing their bookkeeping and payroll services. Taxes are complicated and the IRS continually makes payroll more difficult each year. The f.....


Presentation about automation as an innovation improving productivity, reliability and repeatability in systems or processes



Ways To Use Technology Better In Your Small Business


There’s working and then there’s w-o-r-k-i-n-g. Learning the ins and outs of being more effective when you work is the key that successful entrepreneurs seem to have mastered while you’re struggling to pay the bills and find a clerk for the .....


Franklin, TN, USA - April 4, 2016: Stores on main street in downtown Franklin, Tennessee.



What it takes to Buy a Small Business


Expanding your growing enterprise is an exciting proposition but finding financing to help acquire a new business can be a challenge. Add to that a difficult lending market and an increasing seller-funding trend and you may find yourself in unchar.....


Pay to Park in a Large Metro Area



IRS Tax Limits going into effect for 2017



The IRS released 2017 adjustments to more than 50 tax provisions as well as providing updated tax rate tables for individuals, estates and trusts (Rev. Proc. 2016-55).  These revisions will be used for both tax preparation for 2017.....


Hands putting coins in a money jar full of coins with the word crowdfunding on it.



Crowdfunding and Charity: It’s not always a tax deduction


A child in your community passed away from cancer and neighbors set up a fundraiser to help her parents pay for the medical bills. Your colleague at work has a kid using crowdfunding to pay for a volunteer trip abroad and wants you to contribute ......


Businessman in classic superman pose tearing his shirt open to reveal a dollar symbol on chest concept for human financial advisor, success or recruitment



Tricks to Hiring a Salesperson for Your Business


You’ve worked day and night to build your business and now you’re finally to the point where you think a sales person or two could take your business to the next level.  Finding and trusting someone to go out into the universe and speak and s.....


horizontal vs  vertical



Horizontal or Vertical? Should your business be focusing one way or another?


Do you know the difference?



Two methods of building a market strategy consist of vertical and horizontal markets. Vertical Marketing Systems, or VMS, seek to achieve efficiencies through economies of scale by focusi.....


One hundred dollar bill on financial paper



Owners of New Hampshire Real Estate Rejoice at Tax Changes


The real estate transfer tax in New Hampshire has been one of the biggest obstacles to small business owners looking to optimize their tax and legal situation. The tax is imposed on both the buyer and the seller at the rate of $.75 per $100 of the.....


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